Visitation Rules

Visits are privilege and should be regarded as such. Visits may be terminated at the discretion of staff and visitation may be suspended due to any infraction. Residents are responsible for the actions and conduct of their visitors. Any inappropriate behavior may result in the aforementioned action and/or actions.

  • All visitors must sign the Visitor Control Log Sheet at the CO Office before visitation will begin.
  • Visitors MUST have in their possession a current photo identification card.
  • Visitors are expected to wear conservative apparel and refrain from wearing such clothes as short shorts, halter tops, tight and/ or revealing clothing.
  • Visitors and Residents are not permitted to exchange any object or article at any time or give anything to another visitor in the visiting area.
  • Visitors entering the Center and appearing under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave Center property immediately.
  • Visitors are to visit only individuals they have designated on the Visitor Control Log Sheet.
  • Under no circumstance will a visitor be allowed to visit with more than one Resident at any given time.
  • Visitors may have loose CHANGE and ID cards in their possession during the visit.
  • Purses, diaper bags, and packages will not be allowed in the Center and will remain in the vehicle during the visit.
  • Packages or items to be delivered to the Resident will be turned over to Staff prior to the visit.
  • Couples will be permitted to kiss/embrace at the beginning and again at the conclusion of the visit. (You will do such in a manner so as not to offend sensibilities of the other Visitors, Residents, or Staff.)
  • Hand holding only is allowed in the visiting area.
  • Residents are not allowed to accompany visitors outside for any reason.
  • Visitors are responsible for care and control of children in their care.
  • Visitors, NOT RESIDENTS must accompany minor children to the restrooms.
  • Visitors may not go outside to SIT during visitation hours.


For those residents with last names starting with A-L:
Saturday 1400-1600 hrs (2pm-4pm)
Sunday 1900-2100 (7pm-9pm).

For those residents with last names starting with M-Z:
Saturday 1900-2100 hrs (7pm-9pm)
Sunday 1400-1600 (2pm-4pm).


Persons applying for visitation privileges will be required to complete a Visitor Application & Background Investigation Authorization Form and meet with the Resident's counselor BEFORE any visiting is authorized.

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