Our Staff

Jobs Developer
Roger Lesofski
Phone (406) 455-9340
[email protected]

Support Specialist
Joe Marten
Phone (406) 727-1353
[email protected]

Community Assistance Specialist
Sheena Jarvey
Phone (406) 455-9344
[email protected]

Screening / Hearings Officer
Andre Carrethers
Phone (406) 455-9355
[email protected]

Facility Services Director
Jeff Barnhart
Phone (406) 455-9322
[email protected]

Compliance Officer Supervisor
Josh Weist
Phone (406) 455-9343
[email protected]

Community Service Coordinator
Joseph Williams
Phone (406) 455-9330
Fax (406) 727-0495
[email protected]

Education Coordinator
Matthew Hauk
Phone (406) 455-9346
[email protected]

Assistant CO Supervisor
Dawn Adams
Phone (406) 455-9373
[email protected]

Maintenance Supervisor
Jay Warehime
Phone (406) 455-9326
[email protected]

Food Service Manager
Charlene Bonde
Phone (406) 455-9327
[email protected]

Correctional Treatment Specialists

West Campus
Christy Atakenu
State Males
Phone (406) 455-9338
[email protected]

Jim Clancy
Veteran's Program
Phone (406) 455-9328
[email protected]

Shellie Babinecz
State Males & Federal Males
Phone (406) 455-9334
[email protected]

Timothy Schultz
State Males
Phone (406) 455-9332
[email protected]

East Campus
Keith Ricketts
State Males
Phone (406) 455-9336
[email protected]

Chris Hickman
State Males
Phone (406) 455-9337
[email protected]

Gen Smyth
State & Federal Females
Phone (406) 455-9335
[email protected]

Heath Reed
State Males
Phone (406) 455-9356
[email protected]

Women's Center
Karen Conley
State Females / Elkhorn Graduates
Phone (406) 455-9349
[email protected]

State Males
Phone (406) 455-9339

Grief Counselors: are available for residents or staff who require such services; either scheduled or on an emergency basis.

Volunteer/Mentor Program: The Center utilizes a number of community volunteers who provide a wide variety of arts and crafts opportunities. Mentors are selected from the volunteer ranks after a rigorous screening and interview process to assure that our residents receive guidance and advice from the best of the best. At this time the mentor program is only available to female state residents.

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