Employment is a critical component of the Transition Center Program. All residents capable of work must seek and maintain full-time employment as a condition of their residency. In addition to paying a portion of their room and board, residents are required to pay towards victim restitution, family support, as well as fines or court fees owed.

Historically, employers in this community have worked very well with our residents. Over the years our employers have found that hiring Center residents benefits them in many ways. Residents are drug tested on the day they arrive at the Center and then randomly every week, assuring a drug-free employee. Once hired, the resident is expected to maintain their position for the duration of their stay, which provides a solid work history for the resident and stability for the employer. Our residents are highly motivated and valued employees; many possess high levels of experience and cross-skills in a wide variety of trades.

The Transition Center employs a full time Jobs Developer to assist residents in finding and maintaining full-time work. Assistance includes; learning how to complete job application forms properly, effective interview technique, job seeking/networking skills, proper attire, personal presentation, and post-interview follow-up. The Job Developer reviews each resident’s employment history to appropriately target the job search, and then acts as a community liaison to help employers to put the right person in the right job.

Great Falls Pre-Release Services, Inc. considers our residents’ employers a vital link to a successful community transition and routinely encourages feedback as a means to evaluate the resident’s job performance. The Center is committed to our employers and will assist them in correcting any problem areas that may develop.

The following list represents some of the conditions under which a resident may or may not accept employment:

Self-Employment – Residents are not allowed to be self-employed

Working for Commissions – Residents are not allowed to work for commissions unless there is a substantial long-term base salary.

Working in Bars/Casino’s – Working in bars or work involving gaming of any kind is prohibited.

Employer Requirements – All employers must provide residents with Worker’s Compensation, unemployment insurance, and withhold state and federal taxes.

Vehicle Use – Residents may not own or operate their own personal vehicles. Residents may be approved to operate company vehicles but only if a condition of employment. Authorization to operate any vehicle must be obtained in writing by the Center Administrator and in some cases, the Montana Department of Corrections.

Employment related questions may be addressed to the Jobs Developer, Roger Lesofski (406) 455-9340 [email protected]

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