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Job Opening for a Correctional Treatment Specialist

Correctional Treatment Specialist - Printer Friendly


Knowledge of problem-solving and time management skills. Must be able to provide the residents an appropriate role model through appropriate behavior and dress.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with local, state and federal officials and other community-based agencies; have a mature and empathetic personality with effective communication skills both verbally and in writing.

The above knowledge and abilities are typically acquired through a combination of education and experience equivalent to a Bachelors Degree in social work, sociology, psychology or other social science or related field plus three years experience in work involving general human services programs for the adult public or two years experience in work involving human services programs for adult felons. Work experience in a residential facility is preferred as is experience in working with ex-offenders.

Under the supervision of the Treatment Services Director, performs professional services duties to the residents.

Correctional Treatment Specialist will exercise supervision of their residents in accordance with their duties and responsibilities.

The work site consists of three minimum security community correctional facilities located in Great Falls, Montana. The facilities are residential in nature, housing non-violent, adult male and female offenders.

The Correctional Treatment Specialist is responsible for providing support and counseling to residents while overseeing all aspects of their participation in the program.

These duties include, but are not limited, to:

  1. Providing residents with a comprehensive orientation to the program according to the standards contained in the Resident Handbook and the Policy/Procedure Manual.
  2. Overseeing vocational placements including visiting employers monthly to monitor work performance.
  3. Overseeing educational placements including scheduling of contacts and monitoring school performance through appropriate procedures.
  4. Providing individual case management services to assigned residents weekly.
  5. Developing with residents a reasonable and objective contract describing what the resident will accomplish while in the Center program with associated time requirements.
  6. Overseeing the development and implementation by residents of sound budgetary practices.
  7. Developing and maintaining community contacts so appropriate referrals can be made to community service organizations.
  8. In conjunction with Compliance Officer Personnel, monitoring resident activities in the community via resident agendas, sign in/out procedures, and pass check systems.
  9. Managing resident passes including clearing and approving visitors and sponsors.
  10. Evaluating resident performance and translating it into behavioral ratings.
  11. Developing with the resident a suitable parole plan.
  12. As necessary, serving on judicial panels to mediate house rule violations and to correct maladaptive behavior.
  13. Mediating resident advancement through the phase system.
  14. Completing plans and reports as required by the Correctional Treatment Specialist Supervisor (monthly progress reports, parole plan review reports and termination reports among others that may be assigned.)
  15. Completing other duties assigned by the Administrator or Treatment Services Director.
  16. Participation in the screening process of new referrals to the Center as required. Available to interview prospective candidates at Montana State Prison.
  17. Phase V programming with Probation and Parole.
  18. Development of new policies in conjunction with Treatment Services Director, Administrator, and Board of Directors.
  19. Oversee Center functions during Administrator and Treatment Services Director absences.
  20. Provide impromptu case management for non-assigned residents when needed.
  21. Availability to work flexible hours and weekends.
  22. Will be required to perform "on call" duties when required.
  23. Ability to assume Compliance Officer duties and responsibilities when necessary.
  24. Refer to mental health professionals to provide family/marital counseling for residents/significant others.
  25. Coordinate necessary/emergency out of town travel with the appropriate officials.
  26. To the extent possible, assist residents with locating appropriate housing prior to leaving the Center.
  27. Mediating disputes/conflicts between residents/residents - residents/staff.
  28. Assist residents with formulation and presentation of proposals concerning special individual/group needs and activities.
  29. Maintain community activities in an attempt to assist the Center with needed financial/volunteer support.
  30. Will become certified in Cognitive Principles and Restructuring (CP&R), or other Center programming. Will conduct in-house groups, acting as facilitator.
  31. Meets with assigned residents on a weekly basis and refers them to social resources in the community for assistance.
  32. Provides guidance to residents, such as development of vocational and educational plans and available social services.
  33. Interviews assigned residents to determine social progress, individual problems, needs, interests, and attitude.
  34. Informs the resident of requirements for parole and/or conditional release, such as office visits, restitution payments, educational and employment stipulations.



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